Chapter History of Greater Essex Chapter
In the summer of 1998, a group of mothers met several times at the home of Paula Tuffin in Montclair, New Jersey to form an organization whose main purpose was to address the social and cultural needs of their children. The final outcome of these early meetings was to organize as the New Jersey Community Youth Group (NJCYG), an interest group of Jack and Jill of America, Inc.

The agenda set forth by the NJCYG was to create a medium of contact among children and to provide a constructive, educational, recreational, social and cultural program for children and their parents or guardians. Upon completion of the nationally and regionally mandated organizational and administrative requirements, charter and formal chapter status was granted to the NJCYC at the national Conference of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina in July, 2000.

The Greater Essex County Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2010. We also recently celebrated our seventh class of graduating seniors from the organization. To date, we have 129 children, 61 mothers and 58 fathers in our chapter. We are extremely proud of our Chapter’s fundraising success and our ability to contribute to numerous community organizations and schools. We have also been recognized both Nationally and Regionally for our fundraising efforts and contributions.

Charter Members

Paula Tuffin, President

Elsie Altema

Natalie Alves

Paula Armah-Bethea

Robin Baker

Brenda Barnes-George

Hattie Black

Reba Blake

Diane Bundy

Sheila Butler

Shawn Grain-Carter

Lisa Charles

Jill Clark-Hamilton

Cheryl Crawford

Rhonda Crichlow

Jennifer Bancroft DaSilva

Jacqueline Dorante

Alexis Ellison

Carla Fallen

Kimberley Goode

Carla Gouraige

Lisa Grain

Judith Harrisingh

Denise Holloway 

Tammye Jones

Sandra Karrien

Kimberly Banks MacKay

Krystal Oliver Mays

Ruthanna Graves Morton

Crystal Mullins

Mary Lacey Murphy

Roberta Myricks

Rosemary Nelson

Samantha Newman-Webster

Sandra Oliver-Mukete

Benita Perkins

Stacey Pulley

Lois Stith

Sandra Taylor

Constance Thames

Thomasina Thornton

Marilyn Watson-LaVergne

Kathy Weaver

Tracey Weaver

Nina Wittington-Cooper

Ayo Sanderson Wilson

Lori Bryant-Woolridge

Rhonda Wilson

Past Presidents of the Greater Essex County Chapter

Paula Tuffin - 2000-2004

Kim Goode - 2004-2005

Rhonda Crichlow - 2005-2007

Brandi Robinson - 2007-2008

Joyce Wade - 2008-2011